IAJC Conference Poster Abstract


Submission Requirements

Procedures for Submitting Poster Abstracts

  • Poster Abstract Submission.  Poster abstracts must be 300 words or fewer (using Microsoft Word, in English), and should be sent to our automated system. The deadline for submitting abstracts is July 31, 2022.
  • Poster Abstract Acceptance Notification.  All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the IAJC Conference Committee. Participants will be notified by email in about three weeks of submitting their abstract.
  • Awards for Poster Abstracts. There will be three categories for poster awards, with a maximum of one award per school:
    1) undergraduate students, 2) graduate students, and 3) female-only WIE students. Each category will have up to two winners: $500 for first place and $250 for second place. Please review the Poster Rubric PDF for award criteria.

    Courtesy of Purdue University